We are hoolakai

Hoolakai emerged from the vision of Marialena Bakogiannis, a mother who identified a market gap while searching for a chic yet affordable swimsuit for her daughter, Mariza. Fueled by her passion for summer vibes, picturesque islands, and the desire for beachside comfort, the concept took root.

Recognizing that her daughter's friends and their mothers faced similar challenges, Marialena delved into the issue.
After thoughtful consideration, she made the bold decision to pursue her idea. Balancing the market's needs with her personal aesthetic, she embarked on the journey of crafting minimalistic, elegant, and casual swimwear exclusively for girls.

Hoolakai's commitment to creating simple and delicate designs is aimed at accentuating the natural beauty of girls, providing them with swimwear that embodies both style and comfort.

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